December 5, 2020

They investigate a butane deflagration as the cause of the death of two elderly people in Murcia

The Civil Guard investigates whether the appearance of two elderly dead in their home in Sangonera la Seca (Murcia) was due to the deflagration yesterday of a gas cylinder or if, on the contrary, it could be due to a violent death case, for what The result of the autopsy is expected, the Benemérita reports.

The bodies were found this morning when a neighbor went to the house after yesterday I heard a noise that did not matter, but when checking that there was a window with broken glass and that nobody answered their calls, alerted the phone Civil Guard, who came and entered the home found the elderly dead as a result of injuries that could be consistent with an alleged butane accident.

The autopsy and the detailed analysis by the Scientific Police of the house will determine if it has really been an accident due to a deflagration, or if the wounds they present are due to a violent death, a hypothesis not yet ruled out. The investigation has been kept secret.

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