They interrogate the environment of Óscar, a friend of Esther López, to draw his profile

UCO agents, this Monday, during the search of the suspect's chalet in Traspinedo. / J. SANZ

The agents incorporate dogs on the third day of searching her chalet without finding obvious evidence that places Esther López there


"Today they are here, before on the other side and tomorrow who knows...", sighed with some incredulity a resident of the El Romeral urbanization while observing from a distance the movement of patrol cars, vans and camouflaged cars from the different units of the Civil Guard that this Monday they have returned to register to the millimeter for the third consecutive day the summer chalet of the family of Óscar, Esther López's friend who, in theory, saw her for the last time and now, when they are about to be fulfilled three months since his disappearance, he seems to be focusing the investigations of the agents.

The agents of the elite unit of the Benemérita, the UCO (Central Operational Unit), are at the forefront of an investigation that today openly points to Óscar, a suspect, investigated or person of interest to the investigators who, yes, , to date he has not been arrested or formally charged with anything. The members of the UCO have carried out in recent days a round of interrogations, in some cases of up to two hours, to the closest environment of Óscar himself with the apparent intention of drawing a profile of the 'suspect'.

The relatives of the now investigated declared up to two hours about the way of being of Óscar

Óscar's friends, and in some cases also Esther's, were summoned to testify throughout the past week, some of them even on Saturday and Sunday, to be subjected to a lengthy interrogation by security agents. the UCO in the Comandancia de la Avenida de Soria about their own opinions about the case, their point of view about the suspect's character and even openly about whether they saw him as capable of being linked in some way to the death of Esther Lopez.

The agents, in parallel, have interrogated, or rather collected information, literally door to door, from the residents of the El Romeral urbanization itself, where the chalet of Óscar's family is located, in which, according to his testimony, he slept. on the night of Esther's disappearance, to find out if there has been any movement at the address in recent months. It is, however, a summer and weekend urbanization in which few residents reside in these homes out of season.

The new rounds of interrogations now seem to focus exclusively on Óscar's environment and on the businessman himself, owner of a travel agency in the capital, where he has his habitual residence, who was subjected to two exhaustive interrogations in the presence of his lawyer by the agents on Wednesday, especially, and on Thursday of last week. In them, according to the little that has transpired from the investigation, the man would have maintained his initial version, with some contradictions, apparently, that on that morning of January 13 he left Esther López in the area of ​​the La Maña intersection, at the side of the Soria highway, and that he went to sleep in his family's chalet, located on the other side of the road, on Calle Uno of the El Romeral urbanization.

And there, on the plot of the house, which overlooks Calles One and Two, the extensive operations of Civil Guard units continued this Monday, whose agents have been registering the house and the garden with a swimming pool since Saturday (Sunday included). in search of clues that place Esther there or traces that any of its inhabitants had been in contact with her, it is assumed that after her death, which the investigation places at the same dawn of her disappearance, on that January 13 , when Óscar defends that he left her alone near the restaurant (closed at that time) because she asked him to.

"The truth is that we no longer know what to think," recognize the residents of the El Romeral urbanization

He, in theory, and according to his testimony, left alone in his car, a gray Volkswagen T-Roc, which was intervened again on Wednesday of last week and has been literally inspected for parts since then.

The agents, as a novelty, have once again brought dog handlers from Madrid to incorporate two dogs trained in the search for biological remains (read blood) into the search of the Óscar family's chalet, whose perimeter, along the two streets which the plot gives, has remained sealed and guarded by civil guards to avoid looks at the work carried out on the property, through which, above all, UCO agents have paraded. Inside, in principle, they would not have found for now obvious evidence that places Esther López there on the night of her disappearance - she could have been in the house prior to that morning - in the absence of the analyzes of the samples that they have collected later three consecutive days of visual inspection.

"The truth is that we no longer know what to think," concluded the few neighbors who saw the movements of agents around the plot of the El Romeral urbanization. The registration of this Monday began at the edge of nine in the morning. Civil Guard sources pointed out that it may still continue this Tuesday. The perimeter, in any case, remained cordoned off.

The investigation remains open to the search for some definitive clue, if there is one, that would allow linking what now seems to be the main suspect to the death of Esher López, whose body was found on February 5 in a ditch by the side of the road. that leads to Traspinedo from the N-122. The point where Óscar has maintained that he left his friend that night, between the La Maña restaurant and the road that leads to the Vizar winery, is barely eight hundred meters from the chalet.

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