They interrogate Bárcenas and his wife about documents stolen in the Kitchen

They interrogate Bárcenas and his wife about documents stolen in the Kitchen

The judge investigating the b-box of the PP, José de la Mata, today takes statements from the ex-treasurer of the party Luis Bárcenas and his wife Rosalía Iglesias in relation to the content of the documentation that supposedly was stolen from them by their driver in the framework of Operation Kitchen.

De la Mata agreed to quote the marriage Bárcenas -imputando for the first time to Iglesias in this case-, after the judge of the Villarejo case, Diego de Egea, opened a new secret piece, number seven, to investigate the details of this operation , that the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that it was carried out with police confidants paid with reserved funds.

Upon learning that these facts were being investigated, Bárcenas and his wife asked De Egea to appear as an accusation in that piece as being injured by that police network that was formed in 2013 to obtain the documentation kept by the ex-treasurer.

De la Mata, in turn, asked Interior for an urgent report on the "objectives, preparation, approval, execution, reporting, supervision and control" of that operation and called to declare the marriage after receiving from El Mundo a copy of a series of documents that this newspaper published assuring that they were part of the stolen in Kitchen.

According to the citation, it is a series of manuscripts by Rosalía Iglesias, notes by Bárcenas and other documents "referring to income and expenses of the Popular Party" and that are different from the famous papers that the ex-treasurer contributed to the court in 2013 .

Interior sent to him days later an advance of the report that had demanded to him in which indicated that they have been evidences of Operation Kitchen, that supposedly could in march to spy and to take documents to the extesorero

"From the evidence gathered so far, it is known that in this operation officials seconded at that time (from 2013 to 2015 approximately) have participated to the Operations Deputy Directorate of the CNP as well as to the General Commissariat of Information, with the constancy of collaborators or informants, some of whom received periodic remuneration in exchange for the information provided, "said the report.

Among those confidants would be the driver of Bárcenas, Sergio Ríos, who is suspected of receiving 48,000 euros for his services in Kitchen.

Ríos, to whom the National Police has opened a disciplinary file upon learning that he was being investigated, appeared as an accused last week before the judge of the Villarejo case, but he accepted his right not to testify and was released without precautionary measures to the not having requested the accusation either.


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