March 9, 2021

They intercept a trick scooter faster than the police van

The user of an electric scooter has been denounced in Vigo for exceeding the maximum speed allowed for these vehicles and their means of transport has been intervened, which could travel 99 kilometers per hour.

According to local police sources, the events took place on Friday at 11.45 am at the confluence of José Gil and Florida photographer streets, where agents observed that a person was riding in an electric scooter did not stop at a red light.

For this reason, they proceeded to follow him to identify him, although, given the high speed at which he was driving along Martín Echegaray Street, the police van had difficulty reaching it. Subsequently, the vehicle stopped at the height of the number 13, where it was found that it was an X2 model with power of 1,600w x 2, which is equivalent to a total power of 3,200 watts.

Specifically, the identification tag showed that the maximum speed allowed for this scooter was 25 kilometers per hour. However, after conducting a test without touching the pavement, the police confirmed that it could reach a speed of 99 kilometers per hour, so they deduced that it had been modified. Finally they denounced the scooter user and intervened the latter.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

In another order of things, this Sunday about 4.37 hours, the user of an electric scooter was identified that had symptoms of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, J.V.B. After giving positive results in the breathalyzer tests, the vehicle was immobilized in the absence of a person who could take care of it.

On the other hand, that day at around 2.24 hours, the driver of another scooter was reported for crossing Fernando Conde Street and continuing on the sidewalk. In addition, the vehicle was immobilized after the user showed positive results in the breathalyzer controls that were performed. Meanwhile, this Sunday around 2:00 in the morning, the agents observed how a man, J.R.R., circulated with an electric scooter along the road in the opposite direction to the march at the confluence of Alfonso XIII and Cervantes streets.

Thus, he was denounced because he had installed a seat in the vehicle without authorization and violated the traffic regulations. In addition, a woman was denounced for traveling with a similar vehicle on the sidewalk in the same area. Additionally, that same day at 1.21 pm, the police intercepted a man and a woman at the confluence of Uruguay and Isabel II streets who had followed from García Barbón Street while they were zigzag on the sidewalk, as well as by the road in the opposite direction to the march. For these reasons, they were denounced.

On Sunday morning, at about 00.20 hours, police officers observed that two youngsters of 17 and 18 years old circulated in electric scooters through the playground of Jenaro de la Fuente street and the adjacent sidewalk. Thus, after identifying them, they filed two complaints motivated to violate the traffic regulations. Ep


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