They intercept a maritime shipment of ecstasy from Cádiz bound for Argentina

The National Policein a joint operation with Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency within the framework of the 'Empact' project, has intercepted for the first time a maritime shipment of 56 pounds of MDMA (ecstasy) when leaving from Rate (Cádiz) bound for Argentinaand has arrested three people in Marbella (Málaga) and two in Tarifa.

According to a police note, the drug shipment, aboard a sailboat, was intercepted by the patrol boat 'Fenix ​​V' of the Customs Surveillance Service when it began its navigation from Tarifa to Argentina, and would have allowed the production of between 800,000 and 1,200,000 tablets.

Five people were arrested in the operation, three in Marbella and another two in Tarifa, when they began sailing towards the Canary Islands, where they were going to get supplies to later sail to Argentina with the drugs.

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The operation began at the end of last October, when it was learned that there was a large amount of synthetic drugs that were being offered to various criminal organizations in the Costa del Sol to be distributed at Christmas time.

Later, they found out that this drug was going to be sent by sea from Europe to South America, a fact that was confirmed by the Argentine National Gendarmeriewhich provided information about the arrival in Spain, from Brazil, of an Argentine citizen to take charge of a sailboat that would be used for this transport, and also had the collaboration of the Judicial Police of Portugal, Europol and the National Crime UK Agency, within the framework of the 'Empact' project.

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The agents observed that the person investigated, with the support of four other Argentine nationals, took over a sailboat, already related to a cocaine transport in 2020 that resulted in 20 arrests and the seizure of almost 1,500 kilos of cocaine, and that had been abandoned in Spain.

The four investigated reformed the interior of the boat, while a fifth Argentine, based in Marbella, maintained constant contact with them, and it was observed how he provided tools and aluminum and wooden plates to the occupants of the sailboat.

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At the end of November, the sailboat was renamed and two of those investigated began sailing, although they took refuge in the port of Tarifa after suffering a breakdown, and once these tasks were finished, the crew sailed for the Canary Islands, where they intended to get supplies to sail later until Argentina.

At the moment the boat left Tarifa, the patrol boat 'Fenix ​​V' intercepted it and after several hours of searching, the Police and SVA investigators, and the GOIT members, detected a secret compartment, created with aluminum plates, It was found under a kitchen cabinet.

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In the compartment, they located 28 packages containing 56 kilos of MDMAsealed and covered in diesel to mask its smell, and the agents then proceeded to arrest the three people who had remained in Marbella and who had collaborated in fitting out the ship.

This operation brings to light a new drug routebeing the origin of the narcotic the European territory and the destination the Latin American countries, opening to the organizations the doors of a new market with millions of potential consumers and also the very high value of synthetic drugs in the American continent would be another reason that would explain the opening of this drug transportation route.