August 7, 2020

They initiate the delivery of the clinical records of iDental, guarded by the Canary Islands Health Service – La Provincia

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has begun this morning the delivery of clinical files to those affected by iDental who have requested it, since this documentation is guarded by the Canary Health Service by judicial decision. The documentation arrived at the SCS in 70 sealed boxes whose content was completely declassified.

The Secretary General of the SCS, Abraham Cárdenes, informed that to date, and since October 1 when the judicial unsealing was carried out and the process was initiated, they have been inventoried 20,099 medical records and 354 requests have been received to obtain a copy of the documentation, since the originals must remain in the custody of the Canary Islands Health Service until the National Court so decides.

The delivery of the records is carried out in a personalized way, since an appointment is made with the applicant to go to the collection at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

However, although the delivery of these records has already begun, those affected who want to obtain a copy of their records can still request it through the four channels enabled by the SCS for this purpose:

  • via Internet. – through the SCS website:
  • via email. – to this address:
  • via telephone. – on the phone: 928211616 (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
  • via face-to-face – at the SCS headquarters, at Juan XXIII avenue number 17, of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or at its respective health center.

To this request must attach a copy of the DNI or NIE. Once located and photocopied all the documentation of the interested person will be called to arrange the delivery of the same, which can not be done on the same day of the request. Likewise, to withdraw the copy of the record, the interested party must present his / her ID or NIE and sign the delivery document.

Any doubts that may arise in this process can be sent to the email or through the telephone number: 928211616 (from 09.00 to 14.00 hours).


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