July 31, 2021

They identify a second suspect of poisoning of the ex-spy Skripal

They identify a second suspect of poisoning of the ex-spy Skripal

An investigative journalism website has identified Alexander Mishkin, a so-called Russian military doctor, as the second suspect in the poisoning of ex-spy Sergéi Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the United Kingdom, the British news network Sky News reported today.

The research portal "The Bellingcat" already pointed two weeks ago to the colonel of the Russian military intelligence agency (GRU) Anatoli Chepiga as the first of the two suspects of attacking the Skripal last March with a chemical for military use known as "Novichok".

The British authorities disclosed in September the images and identities of two men, whom they identified as agents of the Kremlin, as alleged perpetrators of the attack, although he warned that the names they used to enter the United Kingdom could be false.

The two suspects, who introduced themselves as Ruslan Boshírov and Alexander Petrov, assured shortly after the RT chain that they are entrepreneurs dedicated to the fitness industry and had traveled to Salisbury (England) for tourism when the attack on the Skripal occurred.

The research portal, which has collaborated with the Russian media "The Insider", assures that Boshírov is actually Colonel Chepiga and that Petrov is Alexander Mishkin, a "doctor employed by the GRU".

In order to identify him, the website says that he has used "testimonies of well-known people" of Mishkin, as well as identification documents, such as a photocopy of his passport.

According to that source, Mishkin, 39, studied at a military medicine academy and was apprehended by the intelligence services as he prepared to practice as a doctor in Russian naval forces.


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