“They have been and continue to be accomplices”

The victims once again say “enough” and respond to the latest statements by the spokesman for the Episcopal Conference, Luis Argüello, in which he regretted the “death penalty” and the social “sanbenito” against abusive priests.

In a harsh statement, the Stolen Childhood (ANIR) denounces that the spokesman’s words “are hurtful and re-victimizing for all the victims who camouflage themselves behind a simple number.” “We cannot allow the integrity of the victims to be lied to, deceived and outraged,” emphasizes the note, which sees in the Argüello demonstrations “the long shadow of Rouco Varela and his host of denialist bishops.”

“We invoke you from this association to open the windows, shake the carpets and detach yourself from that line of argument that offends children, nowadays adults, who suffered one of the most bloody crimes that exist and that violate their dignity. and the physical and emotional integrity of the human being, “states Stolen Childhood, which accuses the bishops of having” covered up “the abuses. “They have been and continue to be accomplices.”

“We invoke you to abandon this path of destruction of faith and accompany the path taken by Pope Francis’ motu proprio, carrying out real humanist work away from the path they are walking on, which is an atrocious offense against the victims and survivors. of pedophilia crimes in the ecclesiastical sphere “, concludes the note, which attacks the work of the offices of attention to the victims. “We urge you once again to listen to the voice of the victims in Añastro and that everything they have to say, they say not only in press conferences, but also looking directly into the eyes of the victims,” ​​they add from Stolen Childhood .

“This, which for you seems to be a trileros game, is not a game. They are human lives and dramas that do not fade and persist over time, attacks on the rights of children, a matter of public health, which also in many cases have ended in tragedy. Rectify and stop behaving like a cancer for Pope Francis, “they settle.


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