September 19, 2020

They fine a car for not having the ITV even though it had passed – La Provincia

The March 23, 2018, the owner of a brand car Ford passed the ITV at the station Ibiza and the vehicle movement permit specifies that the inspection is valid for one year. Therefore, the owner was surprised to receive a fine on August 18 by «not having submitted the vehicle reviewed to the regular technical inspection established by regulation».

That is, the fine for driving with the ITV expired they put it with the inspection in force. When going to Traffic to claim he ran into reality: the Consell of Ibiza, responsible for the station of the ITV of the island, he had not passed the valid inspection data. The digital dump of the information made from the station Santa Gertrudis is carried out late or is updated late in the archives of the General direction of traffic. In this way, if the camera of a radar records the license plate of a car and detects, when searching the digital files, that does not have the ITV in order, A fine amounting to 200 euros is automatically sent.

On many occasions, in addition, the owners of the vehicles do not know the existence of this sanction until months later, when it arrives by mail to their address.

This is not the first case reported by vehicle owners of Ibiza. In October of last year, another driver explained that the same thing had happened to her and that, in addition, when she came to complain to the office of Traffic of Ibiza To explain what happened to him, he ran into the bad manners of the staff, so he ended up filing a complaint.

From the Consell of Ibiza they recognized that an undetermined number of drivers « they received a traffic penalty despite having the ITV passed because the DGT had not received the corresponding communication that the ITV was passed ». In the same way, the head of the ITV of Ibiza, through a spokesman for the Insular Consell, said this week that «that problem with communications with the DGT was resolved in September last year».

In addition, he noted that «to facilitate»The procedures for withdrawing the fine from those affected by this situation,«the Consell contacted the DGT and it was agreed that validating the information was sufficient, that an ITV report was not necessary to present the appeal».

«That is, every time we have treated an affected person, in the ITV office it has been verified that the DGT had the updated information, and thus could already present the resource without needing to provide any documentation other than to prove it», They added from the Consell of Ibiza.


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