May 10, 2021

They find the transformer Xayo dead inside his house in Guanarteme

Was his friend Peter Daktari the one who yesterday notified the National Police that he had not heard from Xayo for days. Some of his relatives say that they had not heard from the artist for at least a week, but were not surprised because his mobile phone had recently been stolen and they thought that he could still continue without a phone.

However, around five o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, Daktari went to the house located on Calle 2 de Mayo in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and when he saw that he did not get answers on the other side of the door, he decided to notify the security forces .

The agents could not do anything to gain access to the apartment either, so it was finally the firefighters who opened the door. The stench that came from inside was bad news. When the policemen were able to enter, not without difficulty due to the strong smell, they confirmed that Xayo was lying dead. Numerous friends and relatives of the transformer traveled to the place, affected by learning of his death.

In 2019 he went to the television program ‘Got Talent’ to give himself a “tribute”


Members of the Judicial Police and the Scientific Police of the Higher Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands, who have opened an investigation to find out the causes of death, which, according to the first hypotheses, were due to natural causes, also traveled to the house. In any case, it will be the autopsy performed this morning at the Institute of Legal Medicine that determines the reason for the death.

Born in Santa María de Guía, Pedro Eugenio Moreno Roque grew up in a traditional family that never opposed the fact that its future was focused on the world of acting. His father, a tough man from the country, only asked one thing: “He told me that as long as I kept the respect that the house it deserved could do what I wanted. And until today, “he said during his performance on the television show.

He studied at the Los Salesianos school and was an altar boy to the parish priest Bruno Quintana and, as he recognized in an interview with this newspaper that is reproduced in these pages, he was about to enter the seminary. “I was one nail away from going,” he recalled.

From 1977 the artistic name of Xayo began to be forged. His first performances took place in the south of Gran Canaria, from he made the leap to Berlin and, finally, to several peninsular provinces. However, he finally decided to return to the Islands where over the years he forged himself as a comedian and transformist. Known and recognized in the Archipelago, with performances in several editions of the Drag Queen gala of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival, his great “tribute”, as he defined himself, was to participate in Got Talent, where he demonstrated his dowries. That performance was for Xayo “a dream” come true.


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