August 3, 2020

They find the Muslim village in which the battle of Alcocer collected in the “Poem of Mine Cid” was fought

An archaeological site appears in La Mora Encantada where, according to researchers, the battle of Alcocer was fought, which is only named in the famous epic poem

No one believed Homer, but Troy existed; Nor was Atlantis considered real, but archeology has shown that the legend was based on the Minoan culture and the eruption that occurred in Santorini. Now the “Poem of Mine Cid” becomes part of those stories that have served to identify an event that was considered fictional. In La Mora Encantada, near Ateca, the remains of an 11th-century Muslim population have been discovered and researchers are considering the possibility that this town could be the real location where the battle of Alcocer was fought, which until now nobody gave credit and that was named in the medieval text that extolled the figure of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. No one had granted too much likelihood to this weapons encounter, but now it seems that it did happen and that the mythical warrior fought in this location with the Moors and assaulted the square.

Now the challenge is to deduce what happened, without being carried away by the words of a text that, like almost all of that time, is marred by a certain novelty. At the moment, and in light of the remains that have been found, among them, useful and ceramic, which is usually the most common in this class of sites, is that the site would be abandoned at the end of that time and that El Cid, as a result of the banishment imposed by King Alfonso VI, was heading towards that settlement.

What is not clear is if he was the cause of the subsequent abandonment, if he took it and how he got there (it is possible that he was on the road that would take him to Barcelona, ​​where, at first, he sought refuge). But this, now, is something that archeology and scholars must determine.


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