They find the corpse of the young Spanish disappeared in the Amazon of Ecuador

The body of the Spanish university student Manuel Tundidor Cabral, who disappeared last Friday in a river in the Amazon of Ecuador, was found on Tuesday in the Misahuallí sector.

The body was seen from a police helicopter and recovered from the water by firefighters and the Ecuadorian police in an arm near the Napo River.

Later, he was transferred to the morgue in the city of Tena so that criminalistics and the Prosecutor's Office could proceed to a definitive identification and the removal of the body, told Colonel Fausto Buenaño, commander of Police of subpop Napo 15.

Manuel Tundidor Cabral, a student at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Ceuta, had arrived in Ecuador on March 31 with six colleagues to practice nursing at a university in the neighboring city of Puyo before graduating.

On Friday he went on a field trip with the group and with a companion he jumped into the waters of the Blue Lagoon, where he was dragged by the current.

His friend Jaime Argudo was "spit" on the side by the river and could be saved.

After four days of searching, the body was located around 3:00 pm local time (20:00 GMT) and transferred to Puerto Napo for identification.

The deputy consul of Spain, Ignacio García Lumbreras, who has been in the area since Monday, expressed his thanks today to the local authorities, institutions, private companies and civil society volunteers who collaborated in the search.

"It has been really admirable that we have achieved a very fast result and a result that relieves us all", given that the body has recovered, said Efe García Lumbreras.

He insisted that he wanted to "convey the deepest gratitude to the Ecuadorian institutions, the Ecuadorian people and Ecuadorian society because they are things that can not be forgotten".

Manuel's six friends were also present at the scene, as well as two of his aunts, Juana and Valentina Cabral, who arrived in Ecuador on Saturday to accompany the search.

The family has not pronounced so far about the discovery of the remains of the university student.

Efe found that the body was found two meters from the shore in an arm of the Napo River, a small tributary, near the road that goes from Puerto Napo to Puerto Misahuallí, in the sector Left Venice.

The corpse was collected from the water, identified by a friend of the group of six students who remained from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Ceuta and transferred to the morgue of Tena to perform the autopsy.

"It is necessary to lift the body with the Prosecutor's Office and with the pertinent legal procedure," Sgt. Espinosa of the local police told Efe.

The search for the university received a strong boost on Tuesday with the addition of more trackers and rescue forces. especially fastwater experts.

Ecuadorian experts had calculated that it would take several days until they could find their remains, given that the water was very dirty and turbulent and only when it started to float could it be seen from the air.

The location of the corpse has broken the few hopes that were to find him alive and confirmed the worst omens, especially in the city of Trebujena, where he was the student.

"It was necessary to find his body," the mayor of Trebujena, Jorge Rodríguez, said in dismay, like all the neighbors of this small town in the Sierra de Cádiz, after receiving the news that the The young man's body had been located.

The mayor will decree this Wednesday a day of official mourning to express the pain of the people for the death of this neighbor.


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