May 15, 2021

They find seven microphones in the office of a former Guatemalan opposition deputy

At least seven microphones and espionage systems were found inside the office that the former Guatemalan center-left Nineth Montenegro occupied for years, the former legislator said Friday.

Montenegro was alerted by the new guest of the office, the congressman of the conservative party Humanista Estuardo Rodríguez, who made the discovery while carrying out remodeling work.

The former congresswoman, who for 24 years – six periods – legislated, supervised and denounced government anomalies, confirmed to the press that Rodriguez spoke to him this morning to tell him that he had found “several spy devices” in different places of the office, located 150 meters from the headquarters of the Legislative Body.

The devices were supposedly “sophisticated high resolution, with loudspeaker, volume equalization and even with the possibility of recording images in some of the cases,” Montenegro detailed.

This finding is “illegal and abusive,” he said.

The former deputy said she was “surprised” because “I never imagined” the possibility of being spied on and stressed that “I was probably too naive or too busy (as if to review the office in depth).”

The new legislator who will occupy the office of Montenegro, Estuardo Rodríguez, said that the workers in charge of the remodeling noticed the emission of a sound from an outlet, so that it was removed and inside two recording microphones were placed and audio transmission.

After analyzing the situation and finding other devices, the former congresswoman asked the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Prosecutor) to carry out an ex officio investigation for the “seriousness” of the situation, since it is an office that “watches over the institutionality and the state of right”.

Montenegro founded and directed the Encuentro por Guatemala party, which in 2007 nominated the presidency for the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú.

In the general elections of 2019, the political organization did not get the registration of minimum votes to maintain the registration before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, so it will be canceled by the Citizens Registry.

In the 1980s, Montenegro led with other women various protests against the forced disappearances perpetrated by the Guatemalan Army to civilians related to social movements and founded, with other activists, the Mutual Support Group (GAM), which persists in the actuality

The ex-husband of Montengro, Fernado García, disappeared in 1984 in a crime orchestrated by the State of Guatemala.


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