They find remains of blood in the house of the murderer

They find remains of blood in the house of the murderer

Researchers have found traces of blood in the house of Bernardo Montoya in El Campillo (Huelva) that could correspond to his victim, the young teacher Laura Luelmo whose body was found on Monday, according to sources close to the investigation told Efe.

Some biological remains that the aggressor, arrested yesterday by the Civil Guard, could not make disappear despite having scrubbed the house to erase any clue.

The discovery of blood remains would show that Montoya, a 50-year-old man who was released from jail in October, took the victim to his home, against the version allegedly offered by the alleged murderer to the police agents. Civil Guard.

Montoya has confessed that he kidnapped, tried to rape, without getting it, and killed the young Zamora teacher, but the autopsy has confirmed that there was sexual assault.

After two hours of interrogation at the Headquarters of the Civil Guard of Huelva, the detainee confessed to the investigators that the young woman asked him for a supermarket, cheated and sent her to a dead end, where he grabbed her, hit her and knocked her unconscious.

Later, according to his story, put Laura in the trunk of the car and moved it to the place where it was located. There he undressed her and tried to rape her, but he did not succeed, although the autopsy confirmed that there was sexual assault.

The remains found in his house would dismantle this version, since, in addition, and according to the sources consulted, Montoya took the young woman to the house the same night of his disappearance and it was not until the next day when he left her in the place where he was found already lifeless, a scrubland area of ​​Las Mimbreras, about four kilometers from El Campillo.

The victim's body presents, according to the sources, evident signs of violence, some of them on his forehead, where he received a heavy blow that, according to the forensic analysis, caused his death. EFE

Montoya confesses but lies: yes he raped Laura


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