January 20, 2021

They find one of the two occupants of a snowplow buried by an avalanche of snow in the port of San Isidro

The fall of a large avalanche in the port of San Isidro, on the Asturian slope of this height that the Principality shares with León, has caused a snow plow that was working in the area to open the road to be trapped in the early afternoon on Friday, January 1, under the snow, prompting an emergency operation to rescue the two people who apparently were occupying the machine.

Shortly before midnight, official sources from the Principality of Asturias Emergency Service (Sepa) confirmed that a first fatality had been found, the lifeless body of one of the two workers, specifically at 11:24 p.m. . The continuing search device had to suspend rescue work hours later, at 2:39 in the morning, because the storm made it impossible to continue in the place probing the snow in search of the second operator who was also working with the damaged snow plow.

Early this morning, the Asturian emergency service has requested that the UME emergency military service join the search work.

The event, which occurred at the height of Riofrío, also provoked the immediate reaction of the Diputación de León, which has made all the necessary mechanical and human resources available to the Asturian Government, as confirmed and thanked by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Mobility and Territory, Jorge García.

Members of the Sepa Firefighters from the Mieres Park, the Fire Rescue Group and the Canine Rescue Unit of the Principality of Asturias, together with the Fire Chief of the Central Zone, will resume, predictably this morning, the search, in search of the operator from the snow removal machine, in the Riofrío area, going down from the port of San Isidro, in the council of Aller.

The operation also has the collaboration of 112 of Castilla y León, which has alerted its health media, in addition to the Civil Guard, which has activated the GREIM de Mieres, the Principality’s Infrastructure service that has sent media to the area and the Winter Fountains Winter Station which has sent personnel and a snow plow. Snow removal machinery has also been sent from León.

The facts

The Emergency Coordination Center received a warning at 3:38 p.m. and the alert indicated that an avalanche had occurred about 10 minutes ago. In the call they indicated that the snow plow could be trapped, being able to see it.

Subsequently, the Fire Chief of the Central Zone, three SEPA Firefighters from Mieres Park, the SEPA Fire Rescue Group, and three canine guides, with three dogs, from the Canine Rescue Unit were mobilized.

The occupant of a vehicle, who was circulating in the area when the avalanche occurred, was injured in the leg, for reasons that are unknown. It was some neighbors in the area who helped him. This 46-year-old man has been treated and transferred by health facilities in the León area.

Two private vehicles with two families, one of them with a small child, also remain in the place, parked in one of the visor areas built precisely to protect themselves from avalanches, and that cannot move forward or back because the road is cut by two points due to the intense fall of the snow, preventing them from circulating. They are in good condition, according to the Principality of Asturias, and a machine is working to get to where they are and thus be able to remove them from the place.

Personnel from the Civil Guard and the 1-1-2 of Emergencies of Asturias came to the area, with the help of specialized canine units in search of people trapped under the snow.

Strong support from Leon

Also participating are members of the Greim mountain rescue groups of the Civil Guard based in Sabero (León), Mieres and Cangas de Onis, as well as firefighters from Asturias and teams from Asturias and the province of León.

Specifically, the Provincial Council collaborates with a cutter, a wedge, a retro machine and the corresponding staffing, that is, six workers, in the rescue work carried out in the area.

At the head of the operation of the Provincial Council is President Eduardo Morán, who has already maintained telephone contact with the Asturian chief executive, Adrián Barbón; the deputy for Infrastructure, Luis Alberto Arias, and the head of the Mobile Park, Agustín Nogal.


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