They find more than 600 kilos of rotten kebab meat in a plot of Alzira, in Valencia

Inspection of pouring of kebab pieces on an undeveloped lot of a polygon of Alzira (Valencia) carried out by Public Health technicians has raised to more than 600 kilos the volume of irregularly abandoned meat that, finally, began to be removed on Wednesday by a company hired by the city council for its destruction in an incinerator.

The report of Public health, which has opened an investigation to try to discover the origin of the meat and be able to act against those responsible for the spillage, counts 25 pieces of 25 kilos each according to the weight indicated on the label, from which it is clear that the product has been Made in Germany.

Consulted sources indicated that both the spill of kebabs when, in addition, the manufacturing date was very recent and there was one year left to reach the best-before-use date marked on the same label.

"I understand that the correct withdrawal of this product can be expensive for a company, but leaving it lying is not the last option, it should never be an option," said the councilor for Health, Gemma Alós, visibly upset by these uncivil behaviors that can generate a health risk.

As he exclusively anticipated Lift-EMV, a newspaper that belongs to this group, Prensa Ibérica, the spill of several hundred kilos of kebab meat was detected last week in a plot of the polygon known as the City of Transport, next to the Algemesí highway (CV-41) . A user of the ITV who causally took one of the perimeter streets of the polygon, very little trafficked since there are hardly any occupied plots, detected some plastic bundles among the weeds of a plot that made him suspect that it could be bales of drug, although when he got closer he verified that the label identified the content as kebab meat. Right in a field that adjoins the polygon he could also see more similar lumps.

The count carried out by Public Health technicians brings to 25 the pieces of meat already in poor condition due to the time they have remained outdoors. Some have torn packaging. "They go directly to destruction so that there are no doubts," they explained from Public Health.

"A savage"

The Alzira City Council has managed through a concession company that has a crematorium for small pets, the removal and subsequent destruction of this meat, a job that began on Wednesday although it had not yet completed yesterday. "It is an exaggeration of kilos, I do not understand how people do something like that when it is a food product," said the Councilor for Health, while commenting that until the city council received the Public Health report, she could not intervene so as not to affect the An open investigation and did not hesitate to point out that this type of practice "should be prosecuted and punished whenever possible, because it seems wild to me," said Gemma Alós.

The regulations that regulate the treatment that a product of animal origin that is not suitable for marketing must receive, either because it has expired, the cold chain has been broken - kebabs are usually frozen for distribution - or it has a health problem It is very strict and requires hiring a specialized company that is in charge of the destruction or, if the conditions are met, its transformation to reintroduce it into the food chain of animals as feed. It is what in the jargon of the sector is known as SANDACH, an animal by-product not intended for human consumption.


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