They find in Peru a woman and her three Colombian children lost a month ago in the Amazon

Authorities found in a remote Peruvian population a 40-year-old Colombian woman and her three children who lost 34 days in the Amazon rainforest, where they survived by eating wild fruits and other food they found there, the Colombian Navy reported on Sunday.

The woman and children under 10, 12 and 14 were missing since last December 19 in the jungle when they were on vacation in the region, the Commander of the Naval Force of Southern Colombia, General Sergio Alfredo Serrano, told reporters.

"They were on vacation in this area and when they went out to meet their father they lost and lasted 34 lost days," said the officer.

The woman and the young people were found in the village of La Esperanza, in the Peruvian sector of Yubineto, where they were "safe and sound."

"Yesterday the population of this sector gave notice, through Facebook, of the discovery of some people who were not from the sector. The images are disclosed, they arrive here in Puerto Leguízamo (in the Colombian department of Putumayo) where indeed the father of the children recognize them, "said General Serrano.

After arriving in that municipality, located about 180 kilometers from the place where they were found, they were taken to María Angelines Hospital to be treated for "a high degree of malnutrition and different lacerations."

"The lady mother confirms that these 34 days fed on wild fruits, what they were finding along the way. We hope that there is no complication and we will be informed of the evolution of these children and the mother," the officer added.

In November 2017, the Police found a 17-year-old man with cognitive disabilities, who was lost 28 days in the Amazon jungle.

The young Martín Camilo Carihuasari was in the jungle area of ​​the Pichuna stream, tributary of the Amazon, about 18 kilometers from the town center of Leticia, capital of the department that takes its name from the river.

Carihuasari disappeared on October 20, 2017 when he left an integral unit for children with disabilities with an unknown destination.


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