They find in Colombia Ecuadorian minor kidnapped in border area

They find in Colombia Ecuadorian minor kidnapped in border area

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office reported today the location in Colombia of an Ecuadorian girl kidnapped last June in the border province of Sucumbíos.

In his Twitter account he noted that, in cooperation with the Anti-kidnapping Unit of the Police and the Colombian Prosecutor's Office, they rescued the minor in the town of La Hormiga "who was kidnapped in Sucumbíos", an Amazonian province bordering Colombia.

Also the Interior Minister, María Paula Romo, confirmed the rescue of the minor, whose age was not specified.

"Do you remember the terrible case of the girl kidnapped in Sucumbíos?" The official asked in a trill in her profile of the aforementioned social network, in which she added: "We can confirm that it has been located and will soon arrive in the country."

And stressed that the alleged kidnapper will be placed at the orders of justice.

On July 2, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education confirmed in a statement that on June 12, "the minor was removed from the educational unit without the consent of its representatives and with the use of force."

He added that he proceeded to present the respective complaint and to offer legal support to the family of the victim and psychological accompaniment to the family and student circle.

In a document, the Ministry indicated that on May 30 it was learned that the same child lived a "situation of sexual violence" "outside the educational space", so the authorities offered medical and psychological support.

The conditions were also generated to guarantee the permanence in the educational system of the girl and to avoid revictimization.

"In addition, it was established that the minor could only withdraw from the institution with the authorization of her mother," he added in the July statement.


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