May 10, 2021

They find hair of Julen in the well of Totalán

They find hair of Julen in the well of Totalán

The rescue teams have found a hair of Julen, the two-year-old boy who fell into a pit on Sunday in Totalán (Málaga), Efe sources have been informed of the search tasks. It is a hair found among the solid material that has been extracted from the well, which has undergone a DNA test and that has been compared with that of the relatives.

According to the same sources, this means that now the priority of the works is to continue extracting the solid material, on the third day of the small search, which fell on Sunday through this narrow hole of more than 100 meters deep.

In addition, the director of the Civil Guard, Felix Azón, explained to journalists on Wednesday before participating in a breakfast in Madrid that has been told to the family that "there are biological remains with a very high chance that they are the child." "This leads us to confirm the strategy of sucking the well to try to reach the place where the child is," said Azón, who nevertheless has insisted that the rest of the rescue options remain.

The events occurred last Sunday, when the family of Julen went to spend a field day with family members to Totalán. In a carelessness of the parents, the 2-year-old playing with his cousin accidentally fell into a well 110 meters deep and 25 in diameter. It was 2:00 p.m. At that moment, the desperate rescue began. A hundred people, including engineers and researchers, moved to the scene to find a solution to this complicated task. First, they introduced a camera, which found a bag of trinkets that Julen had in his hand and a plastic cup. At about 80 meters, there was a sand plug. Last Monday they started to extract sand, but They only managed to drill 30 centimeters without breaking the plug.

In parallel, other options were sought. Make a parallel well, which would require to secure with a tube the well in which Julen is so that no more sand falls; make a well about 80 meters to try to access horizontally to the area where the small one is, because the well is in a higher area. The third is to carry out an open-pit excavation. The rescue teams plan to do all three things in parallel but, for now, They have begun to perform the perforation to access laterally and another oblique way. The rescue teams began yesterday to open a lateral and horizontal tunnel of between 50 and 80 meters, taking advantage of the slope of the mountain, to try to reach where the small one is supposed to be, has informed the sub-delegation of the Government in Malaga, María Gámez .

The work started at seven in the morning of last Tuesday, after which the rescue teams will take hours sucking the land under which the two-year-old child could be, and given that the machines used have found a compact mass that can not be extracted, at a depth of 73 meters.

On the other hand, eight members of the Central Hunan Mine Rescue Brigade They have moved today in a plane chartered by the Army to Malaga to participate in the rescue work. In parallel, the Government has requested the collaboration of a group of Asturian miners, who have moved to the area to help in the rescue tasks. In addition, the mayor of Totalán has managed to Swedish company, which collaborated in the rescue of the Chilean miners, move to Malaga to try to expedite the rescue.

For the parents is being a real nightmare and they have been very critical of the actions that have taken place because, in their opinion, they have taken a long time to start drilling. The little grandmother and mother of Victoria (Vicky). Shattered and in tears, she assured LA RAZÓN that "this is a shame, my Julen is stuck and nobody does anything. The Civil Guard says wait, but we have been like this since Sunday. We are dying in life, "says Remedios between cries of anguish and impotence. According to account, José and Vicky, the parents of the child, have not moved from the Totalán – the mountainous area where the child fell into the well – and will not do so until they have news. "They are sleeping since Sunday in the car, they have not come by house since then," he says. According to another family member, José's cousin, who was also with them when Julen fell into the hole, "is devastated. She was the first to notice what had happened to the child and was running, could not do anything. She is locked in the house, "they say. "It's a shame, such a good family and with so many misfortunes. The death of their eldest son drove them crazy, so now imagine how they are doing. This uncertainty is unbearable. Only a miracle can save it. So small and without taking a sip of water … I wish I was still alive as it happened to the girl that of the United States », says Cándida, referring to Jessica McClure, who was buried for 58 hours when she was 18 years old.

It is not the first time that a tragedy hits this family from Malaga. A brother of Julen died in the year 2017 with only three years of age. According to the neighbors of the family, little Oliver died of a heart attack while walking on the beach when Julen was barely three months old.

Everything that surrounds this case has raised some doubts among researchers. The well in which Julen is looking for, in the Malaga town of Totalán, lacked work permits, as the Junta de Andalucía itself would have recognized. As reported by the newspaper El País in its digital edition, the hole would not have the corresponding technical report of the Ministry of Environment of the Board, essential for the City of Totalán had granted the license of the work. The well responsible for the drilling of the well where Julen fell has assured that a little over a month ago he covered the hole with a stone and then added sand to it. This is what he has declared before the Civil Guard on two occasions. But professionals in the area say that the usual thing is to fill the entire channel. According to the pocero, someone had to remove the stone. Someone had drawn a groove up to five meters in diameter and that the ground had been lowered by half a meter: just the depth where the stone that was the stopper was.

Another circumstance that they are trying to clarify is how a two-year-old boy with a coat can fall through a hole so narrow without getting stuck near the surface and having been locked up to more than 80 meters deep, even more so when the hole is not regular, it has imperfections, rocks, roots … Then there is the sand plug. How is it possible for the child to fall to form a sand plug on him and the trinkets that were carried over the sand? There are many questions that still have to be answered, but the priority remains to reach the bottom of the well.


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