April 20, 2021

They find Emiliano Sala's plane in the English Channel | sports

They find Emiliano Sala's plane in the English Channel | sports

The private plane in which the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala was traveling was found this Sunday at the bottom of the Channel, according to the team of a private company that has been in charge of the search. The plane piloted by David Ibbotson, who was transporting Emiliano Sala on Monday, January 21 between Nantes and Cardiff, was found by the private search team led by David Mearns, who confirmed it on his Twitter account.

The ship of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, in charge of the investigation in the United Kingdom of the aerial accidents, will supervise the recovery the rest. The families of the two missing persons were informed by the police.

British researchers responsible for the search for the plane in which Emiliano Sala was travelingThey found last Thursday the remains of two seats of an aircraft on a beach in Normandy, on the French coast, which could belong, according to a preliminary examination, to the Piper Malibu that suddenly disappeared from air traffic control radars while flying over the Guernsey Islands in the night of Monday, January 21. Today the remains of the full fuselage of the aircraft have been found. "I can confirm that it was found," said a spokeswoman for the British air accident investigation office.

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