July 27, 2021

They find dead and buried children missing in Godella

They find dead and buried children missing in Godella

Agents of the Civil Guard would have found dead and buried the two children disappeared in Godellas and who were being wanted.

According to the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, who the investigators did not rule out any hypothesis since the parents were not collaborating, so the priority was to find the children "as soon as possible".

Fulgencio has made these statements to reporters in the place where the search device of the two minors, a boy of three and a half and a girl of 5 months, disappeared since this morning.

When asked about the minors, the father had offered "incoherent" answers, said the government delegate, so the Civil Guard had activated the search operation and increased the number of troops, Fulgencio has indicated.

A neighbor of the family of the two children warned this same Thursday, at 8.30 am, to the Local Police after seeing the father running armed behind the mother, who was half-naked, according to Europa Press informed sources knowledgeable about the investigation.

Until the place, an area where the family lived as squat In a house in Godella, a patrol of the Local Police of Rocafort, who spoke with the father and located traces of blood by the pool, moved. Subsequently, around 1:00 pm, the mother was found hidden in a drum by the cynological service of the Civil Guard, without it having transcended under what circumstances.

The couple is in dependencies of the Command of the armed institute in Moncada, where they are showing reluctance to collaborate with the security forces to tell where their children are, a baby of months and his brother, between three and four years old.

Since then, the Civil Guard has been looking for children in Godella (Valencia) and in surrounding municipalities, according to confirmed sources of the armed institute, and it has been done extensive to several wells in the municipality, after the mother, in the interrogation in which she is being subjected, has spoken of "resurrecting" her children or of the need to "dive".


The parents of the minors, around 30 years old, he of Belgian nationality and she Mexican, apparently have some kind of imbalance and have been reluctant to collaborate with the armed institute.

They have also participated in the localization of members of Civil Protection, València firefighters, the Consortium and Police, among other members.

At the time the patrol arrived at the house after the neighbors' notice, the agents interrogated the father, who was "confused" and has hinted that children could be inside the pool, where the blood remains have been located. However, according to the sources consulted, the water has been emptied without anyone inside.

The child between three and four years old did not go to the center of Rocafort in which he was enrolled for a few days. From the school they got in touch with the family, who attributed the absence of the child to a labor issue and without detecting any unusual circumstance from the center.

Researchers have found traces of blood on the side of the pool of the dwelling in which they resided illegally, according to have detailed the same sources.


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