June 24, 2021

They find a woman stabbed dead in his house in Gijn and look for his ex-partner – La Provincia

The neighborhood of La Calzada de Gijón woke up shocked Monday after the discovery of one of its neighbors, Lorena Dacuña, dead and with clear signs of violence at his home on Callao Street. The first hypotheses suggest that the 41-year-old victim showed deadly knife wounds at stomach level. The investigation, in progress, points towards the ex-partner of the deceased as one of the main suspects. This is another resident in the area, who has worked as a waiter in several bars. If confirmed, Dacuña would be the eighth victim of gender violence in all Spain.

The alarm voice jumped when Dacuña did not show up at his job in the Brillastur cleaning company. His work shift, according to those responsible for the business, began at six in the morning and he should have met with one of his companions. Missed by the absence of the woman -which they also explain from the cleaning firm was always punctual and notifying any type of problem or delay-, the other worker contacted a third, recently pre-retired, because she was one of the few who maintained a relationship close with Dacuña. It was the latter who was in charge of contacting family members who, in turn, called the Police. In La Calzada, neighbors don’t remember seeing her since Friday.

The search for Dacuña was initially held by the Local Police, which at 14.45 and tfind the body at home -Located at number 6 on Callao Street- he asked for help from his National teammates. While waiting for the autopsy to provide more details, the woman’s body had wounds from a knife in the abdomen and was found on her bed. She was lying on her side and had a garment of underwear with one of her hands. Although residents of the area claim to have seen “movement” in the building as early as the morning, the removal of the body was not authorized until after 4.30 pm.

The agents face the case with some strangeness, because the amount of blood found at home does not correspond, in principle, with the bleeding that should have caused the wounds. It is not ruled out, therefore, that the deadly attack occurred elsewhere and not at home.

Before the coroners took the body, the agents removed what appears to be one of the key pieces of the case: the victim’s vehicle. It is a “small and garnet-colored” car, according to neighbors, who saw how several policemen sealed it to take it around 3:30 pm. “I had it parked in front of the house. We had been missing for a while because it was said that the trunk was open,” said a neighbor of the same building in which Dacuña lived.

At the moment, the investigation seems to focus on the ex-partner of the deceased, a man who apparently has diverse criminal records; among them, several for crimes typified by gender violence against other women with whom he had had relations in the past. The victim, however, does not know that he has filed a complaint for abuse. As you have learned The New Spain, although the family prefers for the moment not to make any type of declaration, it has explained to the Local Police agents that the ex-girlfriend of the deceased “was very jealous”. This male is in unknown location. “On Sunday I should have gone to open the bar where he works, because he had the keys and the other person who also has them is the one of the cleaning, but he did not appear “, assured the neighbors of buildings next to this hotel establishment, located in Luis Braille street.

This place, which by mid-afternoon on Monday already had the blind down, was inspected by several police officers, according to several witnesses. “It turns out that he had not given signs for two days“They said. This man was identified yesterday by several neighbors of his building.” She lived on the second floor, at the right door, and we saw him quite a bit around here, but he didn’t deal with anyone, nor did he greet anyone “, They explained. They didn’t know that the couple had broken. “It’s all very strange because we never hear them discuss, and that in this building, as we live rather older and quiet people, any noise is heard a lot,” said the residents of the third and fourth floors. “I heard a tremendous rumble in the early hours of Saturday, and now I am worried,” said another neighbor.


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