September 22, 2020

They find a wild boar during confinement in a central street of Madrid – La Provincia

A wild boar has been located this past night in the capital, in the rocío Dúrcal roundabout, between calle Francos Rodríguez and Pablo Iglesias avenue, being captured his ‘walk’ on video by several neighbors from their homes.

Thus, the residents of the neighborhood have spread images of the specimen on social networks and have shown their surprise at this discovery. “A wild boar in the street … in the center of Madrid; I can’t believe it, “comes one of the citizens who records the animal.

At the beginning of the year a couple of specimens were also sighted in the Las Tablas area, the regional government authorized the Consistory from Madrid to capture wild boars in the municipality for a year.

At that time, the City Council requested said authorization, dependent on the Community and which is renewed annually and almost automatically, after sending the corresponding annual request.

On the other hand, traffic accidents caused by wild boars have been fired a 47 percent in the last two years, according to the IV Report of the Ponle Freno-AXA Road Safety Study Center on vehicle collisions with animals.


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