July 12, 2020

They find a veteran disabled swimmer who tried to surround Gran Canaria dead

Veteran disabled athlete Carmelo Santa has been found dead this morning in the accommodation of La Aldea de San Nicolás (Gran Canaria) where he spent the night after completing a new stage in his challenge to surround the island by swimming, as reported by the City of Telde.

In his youth, Carmelo Santana had won medals in provincial, regional and military swimming and water polo championships, until a car accident made him lose a leg with 19 years.

At age 50, after being diagnosed with diabetes, Santana decided to resume swimming as a challenge of self-improvement and since last October 1 he was immersed in his last challenge: swimming around Gran Canaria in eleven stages, with a total tour of 190 kilometers

Santana had been preparing for this challenge for 15 months and he had just won the promo modality (1,000 meters) of the open water crossing of Maspalomas, in the south of the island.


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