August 8, 2020

They find a jar with cyanide in the house where an Odebrecht witness in Colombia died

The Colombian prosecutor's office found a jar with cyanide in the home of engineer Jorge Enrique Pizano, a key witness in the bribery scandal of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, who died of a heart attack three days before his son died poisoned by that poison.

The jar was wrapped in a plastic bag and kept under the sink of an auxiliary bathroom in the house, located near Bogotá and to which Pizano Sr. had moved shortly before, explained the Delegate for Citizen Security, Luis González.

The teams of the Prosecutor's Office inspected the entire house until they found the jar, which was moved with all the necessary protocols "so as not to contaminate" the evidence.

Currently, the specialized teams of the Prosecutor's Office are working to look for "biological traces that allow identifying" DNA remains or traces, González added.

Pizano Sr., who suffered from cancer and died on November 8 of a heart attack, was considered a key witness in the Odebrecht case as he was the controller of the Ruta del Sol II highway, whose majority partner was the Brazilian company.

Last August, Pizano gave an interview to Channel One that was issued after his death and in it revealed that the Attorney General of Colombia, Néstor Humberto Martínez, knew from 2015, before taking office, the irregularities in the tender for construction of Ruta del Sol II.

Upon his death, and as is mandatory in Colombia when someone dies at home, a necropsy was performed at the hospital where he was treated, the results of which show that Pizano died of a heart attack.

His son Alejandro Pizano Ponce de León, died three days later poisoned with cyanide that was in a bottle of flavored water that he found on his father's desk in his house, which he attended after his funeral.

For that reason, Legal Medicine ordered an analysis to the tissues extracted to the body of Pizano father who discarded that he was poisoned with cyanide.

According to González, the researchers have already located the commercial establishment in which the cyanide found in the Pizano house, located in Bogotá, was sold.

In this sense, he affirmed that since the first of August until the moment 12 cyanide jars have been sold in that store, the same as that found in the Pizano's house.

"It was established that six of the jars say who the buyer is and six do not," said González, who stressed that they are working with the security cameras to see if the buyer can be located.

The accusations have been growing against Attorney Martinez since the case was made public, since in 2015 he was a lawyer for the banking conglomerate Grupo Aval, which in turn is a majority partner of Corporación Financiera Colombiana S.A (Corficolombiana).

Pizano was in 2015 responsible for the financial control of Ruta del Sol II, which links the center with the north of the country, by Corficolombiana, involved in the work through Episol S.A.S.

The Aval and Corficolombiana Group make up a conglomerate of industrialist Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, one of the richest people in Colombia.


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