They find 40 kilos of plastic inside a dead whale in the Philippines

A whale that was found dead stranded on a beach in the southeastern Philippines had 40 kilos of plastic in its stomach, local press reported today.

The cetacean, from Cuvier's whale species, appeared on Friday at the seashore of the municipality of Mabini, in the province of Valle Compostela, and was subjected to an autopsy on Sunday.

Among the items found inside the stomach, there are 16 sacks of rice, a plastic tarp used in banana plantations and shopping bags.

The autopsy was performed by personnel from the Office of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of the province, led by Dr. Elaine Belvis and marine biologist Darrell Blatcheley.

This is the largest amount of plastic found in a necropsy performed in that center to a whale, who mistakenly ingest the plastic that is in the sea thinking that it is food, they explained.

Blatchley explained that in the ten years he has been studying dead whales and dolphins, most died because of the ingested plastic trash.


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