Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

They file the cause for the cuts of the AVE in the strike of the 8N when considering them "peaceful"

Archivan la causa por los cortes del AVE en la huelga del 8N al considerarlos “pacíficos”

A judge has returned to file the case against nine activists accused to occupy the line of bird in the Sants station in Barcelona in the general strike of November 8, 2017, concluding that they had an "ephemeral" presence on the tracks and that their performance was "peaceful and calm". In a car, the owner of the court of instruction number 24 of Barcelona It has shelved the case, which reopened in January last year at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, after having initially shelved it in December 2017.

Within the framework of this case, the judge cited nine strike participants as investigated, identified by the Mossos d'Esquadra when they left the platforms after allegedly occupying, along with hundreds of other activists of the CDR, routes of the Sants Station, preventing the circulation of three of the AVE between 16.45 and 22.30 hours, which affected thousands of people.

Court 24 of Barcelona

The judge does not see "any hint of violence or intimidation"

In her archiving order, the judge maintains that the investigators have not been observed "any function of direction, coordination of the protest" or that they carried out any task of spokespersons or similar, nor that their behavior had "no sign of violence or intimidation" "

The judge emphasizes that all the accused, who participated in a protest against the imprisonment of the independence leaders, were identified by the Mossos when they left the Sants station, although only four of them appear in the images cutting the tracks, although "Few lapses of time", with an "ephemeral permanence" in the roads.

In addition, it highlights that none of those investigated caused damage to the roads by placing unpredictable obstacles, or spilling flammable or slippery substances.

Cutting of the AVE

Does not appreciate "risk" for circulation

According to the judge, there is no evidence that the occupation of the tracks caused a "serious risk" to the movement, while the AVE train that was in the station was not running or running and that the occupation "was peaceful and calm, without incidents. "

The only thing accredited in the investigation, according to the judge, is that the presence of some of those investigated in the roads was "merely punctual" and that the occupation was "sporadic" on the part of the accused.

The judge also points out that the cut of the service was "partial", since during the protest a high-speed train could leave and that in addition the damages and damages for the users "were mitigated in part" because Renfe and Adif established an alternative service of buses.

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