February 26, 2021

They distribute more than 1.2 million dollars in scholarships in US universities for Canarian students – La Provincia

AGM, a Spanish company that has been helping the fourteen years students from all over the world To obtain a quality education in the United States, it has exceeded 2,000 scholarships for Spanish students who want to improve their sports and professional projection by accessing one of the most advanced educational systems in the world, the American university. In these 14 years, 2014 students, of which 82 (62 boys and 20 girls) they are canaries, more than 120 million dollars have been distributed in scholarships that cover the needs academic (tuition, books …), sports shoes (material, physiotherapy, workouts) and social (accommodation, meals …) of the students.

For the 2019/20 course, AGM has achieved $ 19.936 billion for 258 students across the country (149 boys and 109 girls) thanks to their academic profiles and sports careers, which means an average scholarship of almost $ 27,000. For the Canary Islands, the average scholarship per course is almost $ 25,000, which amounts to $ 1.2 million altogether. This course will begin its studies in the US 10 boys and 7 girls from the Canary Islands.

Once they finish their university studies in the US, young people have the option of accessing the labor market through the Welcome Talent University program, an initiative of the AGM Foundation that favors the return to the Spanish business fabric of young Spanish students who are in States United.

The top of sports this year is covered by soccer (European football), tennis, basketball and golf, although scholarships have also been awarded for volleyball, athletics, trampoline jumping or American football. Women's sport, thanks to the specific support it receives in the US and to the very high amounts in scholarships, is the one that is growing the most in Spain, with more and more women athletes being trained athletically and academically in American universities.

Differences between the Spanish and the US education system

One of the most notable differences between Spanish and American universities is the combination of studies with sports life. While in the US the university sport is the quarry of national sport thanks to the possibility of making studies and sport compatible at the highest level – as a springboard towards professional sport – in Spain, university sports have no social relevance, since pre-elite athletes are not offered the possibility of reconciling sports and studies. In order to achieve this, it is essential have a system of scholarships and grants for young athletes.

On the other hand, English remains one of the pending subjects in Spain, especially when it has become the vehicular language in the world of business in a globalized world like today. While Spanish students finish the degree with a basic level of English, which prevents them from enjoying greater international mobility and restricts them when choosing a job according to their training and desire, all athletes who go through the American system They end up with perfect English, both spoken and written. In addition, athletes trained in US universities are highly valued by companies.

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