October 22, 2020

They dismantle an illegal party with more than 50 young people in Tenerife – La Provincia

Agents of the Local police from Santa Cruz de Tenerife Last night, they dismantled an illegal party that was taking place in a place located on the central street of Padre Anchieta in the capital of Tenerife.. The police confirmed that in said event there were more than fifty young people drinking, generating noise and without adopting any preventive measures such as the use of the mask or respecting the interpersonal safety distance.

This service, which took place around 02:00 hours, began after calls from several neighbors who complained about the excessive noise that was outside the aforementioned premises pbelonging to a cultural association. The agents identified the person in charge of that establishment and made an infraction report that will also be forwarded to the health authorities.

Before intervening, the police found that numerous young people entered and left the premises, with alcoholic beverages and making quite a noise, in addition to verifying that they also purchased drinks at a nearby store. In fact, the manager of that other establishment was identified, since alcoholic beverages cannot be dispensed in that store after 22:00. Nor were the regulations regarding signage prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors, a situation that led to the issuance of separate offense reports for these reasons.

Once the 54 people who were celebrating this party were evicted, it was found that there was also an illegal activity of selling alcohol. The police report finds that inside the premises all preventive sanitary measures were not complied with, the safety distance was not kept, nor were the individual protective masks used, in addition to being a closed room with no ventilation other than the access door.

The population in general, and young people in particular, must be reminded of the citizen responsibility to comply with preventive sanitary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and its serious consequences.


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