January 24, 2021

They discover a "house of horrors" in Cádiz

They discover a "house of horrors" in Cádiz

The Civil Guard of Cádiz has arrested a couple of alleged caregivers who kept the elderly locked in a "house of horrors", drugged and fed by means of probes, while they appropriated their property, after which some of them died suddenly and suspiciously.

In the so-called "Operation TEYDEA", in addition to the couple, four others have been arrested and another nine investigated, within a framework that would have appropriated in a short time of more than 1,800,000 euros from five of its victims, as reported by the Civil Guard today.

The operation has allowed rescue alive with a Dutch old woman and a German elder that the detainees, a couple of German-Cuban nationality, kept locked up, drugged and fed by nasogastric tubes, in what the Civil Guard has described as a "house of horrors".

The civil Guard he has not arrived "unfortunately" in time to rescue alive another of his victims, María Babes, a 101-year-old German woman whose search has revealed the criminal activities of this couple.

The investigations began when the Cadiz Civil Guard received a request for international collaboration, from the German police in Frankfurt am Main, which requested the location of Maria Babes.

There was no news of her since she had moved from Tenerife, where she lived alone, to the province of Cádiz.

The researchers located María in a residence for the elderly in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera, in Cádiz.

There he had admitted after going through several hospitals, due to a serious health situation.

The medical reports alarmed the investigators because they presumed a possible negligence in the care of the woman on the part of her caregivers.

Then the economic situation of the old woman was studied, which made all the alarms jump.

The balance of the woman had gone from more than 162,000 euros in October of last year, to 300 in mid-December and had sold his house in Tenerife without receiving a euro.

All this had happened since I had met in Tenerife a couple of caregivers who "showing a remarkable power of seduction" won the confidence of the woman, who had real estate and "a succulent" pension.

Caregivers convinced her to move her to Cádiz, to control her better.

When the agents located her in the nursing home in Chiclana, María was able to tell them that she was kept locked and tied for several months in a rented chalet.

The civil guards discovered that, while she was admitted to a serious state in a hospital, she had participated in two notarial protocols, in which she first granted absolute power in favor of her caretakers and in the other named her heirs.

The caregivers convinced the woman to leave the hospital with them and five hours after leaving the center, the woman died while he was going on a tour with his, without witnesses.

Researchers have highlighted the strangeness of death as the woman that morning appeared in a video in perfect health playing the tambourine at a Christmas breakfast downtown.

The couple achieved an urgent incineration of the body, so there has been no option to perform autopsy.

During the arrest and search of the couple's villa, the agents also discovered that they had rented another villa nearby, in which they found a Dutch old lady and an elderly German tied up and in very poor hygienic sanitary conditions.

The Civil Guard has found that the couple had four other victims, who had died unexpectedly, once these were done with all their capital.

The money was laundered through various channels, including the construction of a tourist complex on the beach of El Palmar, on non-urban land, with documents falsified by the rest of the researched and financed by the creation of a company created with interposed people.



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