May 10, 2021

They dig a tunnel on the side of the mountain to try to get to Julen

They dig a tunnel on the side of the mountain to try to get to Julen

The rescue teams looking for Julen have begun to open a lateral and horizontal tunnel of between 50 and 80 meters, taking advantage of the slope of the mountain, to try to reach where the small one is supposed to be, the sub-delegation of the Government has informed Málaga, María Gámez.

The works have begun at seven this morning, after which the rescue teams will take hours sucking the land under which the two-year-old child could be, and given that the machines used have found a compact mass that can not be extracted, about 73 meters deep, reports Efe.

On the other hand, eight members of the Central Hunan Mine Rescue Brigade They have moved today in a plane chartered by the Army to Malaga to participate in the rescue work.

Engineers and brigadistas selected to participate in the operation have been picked up this afternoon by a military plane moved from Malaga, where today they will be available to those responsible for the operation that tries to rescue the child.

The sub-delegation of the Government has explained that the new tunnel is the safest alternative of the three possibilities that were shuffled from yesterday and that the other two, the opening to open sky and the creation of a tunnel parallel to the well where the small one fell, they consider less safe, although they are not discarded.

There are four conditioning factors in the operation, said Gámez: the safety of the child, use the shortest possible time and the orography of the land, which hinders the work and the safety of the personnel who are working.

The subdelegation has ensured that "work continues without rest and with the same intensity" and has insisted that the tasks are very complex because of the location of the well, the narrow dimensions itself and the orography of the terrain.

For all these reasons, he insisted thatThe best idea is to open a side and horizontal hole, taking advantage of the slope of the mountain and thus excavate this tunnel to reach the 80 meters depth of the well, which is where it is believed to be the smallest.

Subsequently, a camera would be introduced to observe what is inside the well and if it is feasible to make it larger to access the rescue in that area.

He has not been able to specify the period in which this hole can be made and has reminded that the extraction of material collapsed where the child is supposed to be.

Gámez recalled that there are a hundred companies that have offered to help in the rescue, and that a technical cabinet has been formed to undertake the work with the ten most specialized engineering companies.

Asked if there is any chance that the child was not in the well, Gámez has said that it is an option that is not shuffled by the reliability of the testimonies and all the elements with which the Civil Guard works.

For its part, the well responsible for the drilling of the well where fell Julen, the two-year-old boy from Malaga, says that just over a month ago He covered the hole with a stone and then added sand to it.

This is what he has declared before the Civil Guard on two occasions. But professionals in the area say that the usual thing is to fill the entire channel. According to the pocero, someone had to remove the stone. Someone had drawn a furrow up to five meters in diameter and that the ground had been lowered by half a meter: just the depth where the stone that was the stopper was.

The pocero adds that It could only be possible with an excavator.


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