October 28, 2020

they didn’t have their dream cruise but they did have surprises

Josefa and Antonio are a couple from Noia (A Coruña) who this Thursday reached half a century of marriage. A golden anniversary for those who had planned an “adventure”, a cruise, which have been aborted by the health crisis. His relatives and neighbors have not wanted to miss such an anniversary.

She picked up the phone with good omen. He was a neighbor of the village in which they live. He warned that he was going, out of prudence. He did not say why. Upon arrival, he stamped at the house and, surprise, a chocolate cake with their names together with a number, 50, and a gift consisting of a mauve decanter with glasses of the same color by a nearby goldsmith, Fernando Gallego, artisan to which many boyfriends resort to take the big step for their famous alliances with a ruby ​​inside.

“What a great illusion!” She exclaimed, seized with emotion, like her husband. “And what a precious gift.” It was not the first detail of the day for the nice and beloved couple. Before, the eldest of his children, Tucho, with his wife, Angeles, and a huge bouquet of flowers, apart from another cake, had already dropped by their home so that the day would leave Chefa and Tono, as they are known in its intimate circle, a good taste in the mouth.

José Antonio Santamaría Miguéns is 75 years old and Josefa Agraso Rodríguez 72. They are also the parents of Marcos, the youngest, and Juanjo, the middle, and grandparents of Yeray, who is the latter’s son.

Tono discovered Chefa in Alameda de Noia, a coastal town. “I already knew her from socks even though I lived four kilometers from her,” he tells Efe, remembering in such an endearing way that the first time he saw his wife, she was still a child.

“I always liked it a lot. Now even more,” Tono continues, commenting that Chefa, or Fina, refer to her in both ways, she went with three more friends when he dared to enter the scene. He was not “muy echao p’alante”, he confesses it in this way, but he dared to say to that group that if he could speak to “the one in the middle”, he would stay with them, but that if not, nothing at all .

“We started to come out that way! And it’s been five decades since our union was sealed,” he says, and the two in unison say, “We still love each other very much. Now even more.”

Chefa completes the comment: “Let’s hope to get to the platinum ones. Let’s see if this disease that we have now leaves us. We are taking good care of ourselves from the beginning but we’ll see what happens to this virus … We had a pleasant trip in mind. Invite to the children, to the brothers-in-law, to the family, and we haven’t been able to do anything. “

Tono spent much of his life on board and, on an occasion like this, he was going to return them to sea, but in a very different way: a cruise ship.

He himself gives the details: “Something extraordinary had to be done. The boats I rode on were very large. I took my wife to many places, for example to Japan. She came when she could. She left the children with my mother Carmen , who lived with us. And when Chefa came home, our kids were very fat, fat, fat, because the grandmother would spoon them and come. “

Laughter echoes. “This was a scheduled trip, without worries,” he laments, sorry, although Chefa will soon show him the good side of things: “There will be time if we continue so well. The main thing is to be happy and that we are getting better every day. More old, older, but, gee, very good. “

As a colophon: a kiss, even several, masks through. And, of course, applause.

Ana Pedrosa


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