January 16, 2021

They develop contact lenses with built-in screen for augmented reality – La Provincia

The American company Mojo Vision announced this Thursday itsMojo Lens connected lenses, which are oriented to their use in Augmented Realityand that show screens with 14,000 dots per inch (dpi) in front of the user’s eyes.

After more than ten years of research, the company has developed a functional prototype of Mojo Lens that has already shown in events such as CES 2020 in Las Vegas (United States) and that promises what the company has baptized“invisible computing”, as explained in a statement.

The “world’s first truly intelligent contact lenses“, as Mojo Vision has described them, they pursue the objective of giving the user” instant, discreet and available information without using their hands “, so that users do not have to look away to see a screen.

The Mojo Lens make use of the “smaller and denser dynamic displays“So far, according to its creators, they provide a pixel density of 200 megapixels per inch (Mppi) and 14,000 dots per inch.

Contact lensesincorporate other technologies among which are a low consumption image sensorenergy to enable computerized vision, a personalized wireless radio, additional sensors to detect eye movement and image stabilization.

Vision problems

Among the main applications of its smart lenses are itsuse for people with vision problems, which you can help by superimposing images with enlarged size.

People with vision problems may receive other benefits such as providing them with higher contrast and more real-time lighting, as well as a zoom function.

In addition, the Mojo Lens are directedalso to companies, providing workers with access to real-time information or improving productivity by preventing people from having to look elsewhere to see a swamp


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