They detain suspect of having abused 37 children in a Mexican school

They detain suspect of having abused 37 children in a Mexican school

The Mexican authorities detained Ramon "M", an administrative worker of a nursery school in the northeast of the capital, suspected of having abused 37 minors, in the center of the country.

This person had an arrest warrant after the existence of data pointing to a possible abuse "to the detriment of a child under three years of age inside a kindergarten," the Attorney General's Office said in a statement. of the Republic (PGR, prosecutor's office).

The arrest was carried out by members of the PGR and the Federal Police, in coordination with the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, in the municipality of Ecatepec.

Ramón "M", accused of the crime of pedophilia, was placed at the disposal of a judge of control to resolve his legal situation at an initial hearing.

On the other hand, the Secretariat of Public Education informed that the staff of the school will be renewed in its entirety as of October 22, as a result of an agreement between the PGR and representatives of the school community.

"It was also agreed that the staff of the new staff meet the required profile, and that monthly visits to the kindergarten are scheduled to supervise the activities, without prior notice," the institution added.

The first complaint linked to the case was filed on October 8, when one of the parents indicated that he had committed sexual abuse against his son, of the second grade of preschool.

Subsequently, other similar complaints were received, and the PGR opened an investigation this week.

Although the administrative worker is indicated as the main responsible, relatives have said that, "according to the children's statements," there could be teachers involved.


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