They destroy the Sardinero lawn with a vehicle after forcing access

A A group of individuals allegedly entered the El Sardinero football stadium at dawn this Thursday, on Santander, after forcing one of the metal doors in the south corner and with a vehicle, which has entered the field of play, has caused “serious damage” from rolling on the lawn.

As sources of the Cantabrian club have informed Efe, the Racing de Santander workers who have opened the stadium have seen the damage caused by it “act of vandalism“, which has left” serious marks “on the pitch in which Racing has to play a game on Saturday against Unionistas de Salamanca. The marks mainly affect the area next to the goal closest to Preferencia Sur .

Racing Santander has informed the National Police These events, which supposedly occurred this morning, although it is unknown who or who have entered the field, but “it seems that they have not stolen anything” more from the stadium, according to the same sources. Whoever entered the football field, forced one of the metal access doors, specifically one located in the south corner of the stadium. Subsequently, with a vehicle they have reached the grass and left the marks that have “destroyed” part of the pitch.

The sources consulted consider that the sole intention of the perpetrators of these events “would have been damage facilities of the Cantabrian team. “According to Racing de Santander, this” act of vandalism “is a” great damage “for the Cantabrian club, which had just carried out maintenance work on the lawn.

The soccer field maintenance workers have already begun to repair the damage, since this Saturday Racing de Santander disputes the fourteenth day of Primera RFEF Footters against Unionistas de Salamanca CF, at 7:00 p.m.


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