May 17, 2021

They denounce threats in a party in Asturias: "We are going to rape you like your mother" – La Provincia

A new complaint for violence on the playgrounds unleashed this weekend the controversy in the First Regional of Asturias. The event that was reflected in the arbitration record took place in the match between the Independent Football Club of Lieres and the Club Europa de Nava.

Apparently and according to the person responsible for monitoring the meeting in a report released by Lieres, "throughout the game part of the visiting fans, identified by their encouragement to the team and to wear clothing with the colors of the visiting team, they faced the local players next to his band. "

"These same fans are constantly targeting local players in the following terms: you are motherfuckers, ors let's kill and you'll see around. Throughout the second part, several offensive chants are collected for local team players such as the following: 21 you are a prostitute, we will rape you, just like your mother, "said the referee.

"Chants continuously as Toyos die, referring to player number 22 of the local team. Chants continuously "It’s going to kill you son of a bitch" referring to player number 14 of the home team. It is not necessary to call the public force by not observing physical violence or the possibility of confrontation in the stands, "said the referee.

From Lieres, what happened in a statement made public on Monday was criticized and the performance of the members was thanked. "Family members and players of our club they were very affected after the meeting, due to the insults and threats suffered towards him, "they sentenced.


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