They denounce the death of two patients in the emergency corridors of the hospital of Santiago de Compostela | Society

They denounce the death of two patients in the emergency corridors of the hospital of Santiago de Compostela | Society

Some medical professionals of the Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela have denounced this Friday in a court the death of two people in the corridors of the emergency service of the center on January 2. One of the emergency doctors, Fátima Nercellas, reported this morning and assured that the Prosecutor's Office has opened information inquiries.

The doctor has also indicated that the matter referred to the Prosecutor's Office concerns "two frail elderly," one of whom died of a heart attack and another of intestinal ischemia. The first one waited "two and a half hours until he entered the cubicle", where he suffered a cardiac arrest and, although the doctors tried to revive him, it was "too late to do something for his heart". The second case is that of an elderly woman who suffered a cardiac "prepared" in a "very serious" situation that presented and had to spend more than an hour in the hall.

Nercellas has explained in the Parliament of Galicia in a day of health the situation of precariousness and collapse that lives in the emergencies of the aforementioned hospital, which has resulted in the "deterioration" of the health of two patients during their wait in the corridors, and that has ended in the death of both.The day has been organized by BNG, PSdeG and En Marea in parallel to the commission of research on the health system that is open in the House.

The deaths occurred despite the fact that the medical professionals notified the situation to the center's management and to Sergas, the body of the Xunta that manages the public health system, and to those who sent "three alerts" that were not attended, as Nercellas has related.

In her speech, the doctor, who is also a delegate for prevention of the Xunta staff of the aforementioned medical center, explained that on the day of January 2 there were "four patients in a standstill" in the emergency corridors, spaces in those that "accumulated up to 29 patients". According to his story, "the situation was extremely serious" and "they still refused to open the old resuscitation room" with which the hospital complex counts.

In his opinion, "the lack of staff and work space causes people to deteriorate to death in the corridor or in a short time of entry into the cubicle." In that day and before the collapse of the emergency service, professionals worked under great pressure because "we did not want to reach the third and fourth deceased in the hall to be for us is a huge stress," he said.

Nercellas has concluded his appearance regretting that the managers of the Sergas "do not pay attention to anything, Inspection of work nothing, the prosecutor and the judges is that they give exactly the same, the only thing that worries them is this (the commission of investigation ) and the press ".

In Marea, PSdeG and BNG initiated in September an extraordinary procedure in the Parliament to establish a commission of investigation on the death of a patient the previous month in a medical center of A Estrada (Pontevedra) for lack of medical personnel and for the death of Several hepatitis C patients, for lack of medication dispensation.

That commission, which also tried to examine the impact of budget cuts on the public health system was finally boycotted by those three parties that claim that the PPdeG, which has a majority in the regional Chamber, did not accept some of the proposed guests, and They decided to establish this 'parallel' commission in which Nercellas has intervened.


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