October 29, 2020

They denounce the closure of 35 hospital beds in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

He Nursing Union, Satse, criticizes that, one more year, the summer cuts in hospitals and health centers will mean fewer beds, specifically 35 in the Canary Islands and about 7,000 throughout Spain, since “saving money at the expense of the health and safety of citizens and patients has been prioritized”, despite the fact that “Covid-19 is still with us”.

According to the data collected in the different autonomies, 1,580 that correspond to Andalusia have been closed; 1,270 to Madrid; 837 to the Basque Country; 500 to Aragon; 400 to Galicia, and 342 to Extremadura. In the case of Catalonia, data has been collected from some of the hospitals dependent on the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), giving a figure of 518 closed beds.

With regard to Asturias, there are 290 closed beds; in Castilla-La Mancha, 194 beds; in Murcia, 168; in the Balearic Islands, 136, and in Navarra, 112. Likewise, there are 100 closed beds in Cantabria; 87 in Castilla y León; 38 in La Rioja, and 35 in the Canary Islands. In the Valencian Community, the administration has not offered Satse the corresponding data.

The union recalls that it demanded during the Covid-19 crisis that, given the special circumstances of this year, the health services implement a crash plan to improve care for patients with coronavirus and other people with any other problem of health and reduce waiting lists, and unfortunately has found that they have used, as every year, to close beds so as not to have to hire more health personnel.

“The various health officials have returned to prioritize economic interests instead of improving health care, and as much as they have said otherwise during the months of the pandemic, they have not learned from their past mistakes and are again closing the holidays’ of beds, operating rooms and outpatient consultations, in addition to health centers “, aim.

Lack of health personnel

Regarding health personnel, the union emphasizes that, instead of reinforcing the workforce of nurses, nurses and physical therapists, the serious mistake of leaving them “below minimum” is being made again every year, by not replacing all professionals who are on vacation or on sick leave, pregnancy or any other incidence, overloading professionals who work during the summer, despite the inhuman suffering endured for months by having to fight with the coronavirus.


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