They denounce that in the press there is a double yardstick to measure gender equality

They denounce that in the press there is a double yardstick to measure gender equality

In the press there is a "double yardstick" to measure gender equality, denounced today, at the 74th SIP Assembly, Christine Morgan, of Bloomberg; Alice Ting, of The New York Times, and Norma Morandini, head of the Human Rights Observatory of the Argentine Senate.

Morandini, who worked as a journalist, insisted that, although "there are more and more publishers" and there is greater recognition for the work of journalists, in her first years she had to sign only with her last name so that they would not identify her as a woman, and he maintained that "there are still two yardsticks to measure, women and men".

In this vein, Alice Ting, from New York, praised in her speech at the meeting of the Inter-American Press Association (SIP), held in the Argentine city of Salta, the progress that has been made to get maternity leave. but he stressed that men still do not receive the same treatment before a birth.

"We must ensure that the same benefits that women have are for men, in order to benefit everyone in the organization," he added.

He also recalled that, in their environment, they have more and more readers, which generates the need to create more content for that sector of society.

The colloquium, entitled "The role of women in the transformation of the information industry", sought to analyze the struggle for gender equality in journalism and the media, especially at a time when movements have gained strength # MeToo, from the United States, and #NiUnaMenos, in Latin America.

Christine Morgan recalled that an index has been developed at Bloomberg since 2016 to show the degree of gender equality in some of the most important companies.

During his last intervention, Morandini insisted on the importance of "quality" journalism, which will provide a better "public opinion" to promote the "democratic conversation", which is "urgent".

"What a journalist needs is time to be able to return to work on the essence of our activity, which is the facts", since "the better we are trained journalists, the better the information will be," he said.

The meeting, which seeks to analyze the future of interactive technology and its impact on social evolution, began on Friday with the presentation of a draft on principles of press freedom in the digital era, in order to issue a final statement on Monday. When the assembly ends.

The SIP, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of freedom of the press and of expression in the Americas, is made up of editors and managers of more than 1,300 media outlets in the Americas and is headquartered in Miami (EE. .UU.).


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