April 15, 2021

They denounce in a video a veterinarian brutally beating a dog and reviving him afterwards

They denounce in a video a veterinarian brutally beating a dog and reviving him afterwards

The owner of Teo, a dog of the Shih Tzu breed, has denounced with a video on social networks the aggression of a veterinarian to his pet at a veterinary clinic in Barranquilla, in northern Colombia.

The man went to the vet to pick up Teo and noticed that "something in him was not right." The animal was down and had lost his eyes, "he could not move, nor walk and drool a lot," he says on his Facebook page. He asked the vet if something had happened or if he had had some kind of problem with the animal, but he told him that he had vomited, but that everything was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

However, the owner of Teo, worried about his health, decided to take him to another clinic to give him a second opinion. At first the veterinarian explored the dog thinking that it had undergone intoxication, but then discovered that the animal had suffered some kind of fall or given a blow to the head.

The owner of the animal decided to file a complaint so that the authorities could investigate what happened. It was then that the people in charge of the first veterinary clinic checked the recordings of the security cameras and discovered that the veterinarian had beaten the animal and then reanimated it. "To my surprise and outrage, my dog ​​was hit hard on the head by the gentleman who was treating him at the hairdresser, such was the blow, that I had to take him to another place where, fortunately, he is being treated and improving slowly."

The clinic has broadcast a message on Instagram regretting what happened and have announced measures to prevent this case from happening again. "We repudiate what happened because we are against all types of animal abuse and even more within our facilities, and all the tools and evidence have been provided to the affected person, so that the necessary measures are taken against this person who does not have the name. from our El Country Veterinary Clinic, from which we apologize and want to tell you, that we will remain committed to caring for and providing welfare to pets, providing support to animal foundations as we have always done, "they wrote.


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