They denounce for aggression the journalist Luis Roca Arencibia and the producer Marta de Santa Ana

The filmmaker Cristina Andreu and the scriptwriter Virginia Yagüe, present in Gran Canaria as members of the festiva juryHe, they were sitting in a restaurant, whose security cameras recorded everything what happened, when the producer Marta de Santa Ana Pulido approached and photographed them with his mobile phone while he uttered insults against Cristina Andreu. Immediately after, Luis Roca Arencibia, current Secretary of Communication of the Trade Union Section Interempresas CC.OO. Endesa, struck with his hand in the face to the filmmaker, causing her great pain, accompanying the aggression with another series of insults.

By cause and effect is this aggression suffered, they were caused injuries for which he had to require medical attention, as stated in the emergency clinical report and part of injuries issued for this purpose and provided at the police station to the corresponding complaint, where it is reflected that the local security cameras left a record of what happened and that several witnesses were willing to ratify said complaint.

CIMA denounced at the beginning of last month to the producer Marta de Santa Ana Pulido for misuse the name Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media as well as the motto #MoreWomen devised for the awareness campaign of the GOYAS in February 2018.

CIMA and the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival report physical and verbal violence, deeply regret that sexist violence is also found in the field of Culture and encourage institutions, professionals and the media to publicly condemn abuse in any of its forms.


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