They denounce an auxiliary for harassing an old woman in a residence in Ciempozuelos and recording it with her mobile

Relatives of users of the concerted nursing home ‘Las Vegas’ in the town of Ciempozuelos have filed a complaint against an assistant for harassing an elderly woman she cared for while recording him with her mobile phone.

Madrid was the autonomy where the most elderly died in nursing homes: 17% compared to 9% of the national average

Madrid was the autonomy where the most elderly died in nursing homes: 17% compared to 9% of the national average

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In the 21-second video, which has been advanced by Onda Madrid, an old woman is observed lying on the floor in a hallway of the nursing home trying to get up by leaning on her wheelchair. The worker does not give her any help while filming her and makes fun of her.

“Maria, what are you doing lying there on the ground? We have reached the house of terror”, exclaims the assistant between guttural noises simulating monstrous creatures. In addition, he tells her to leave the chair, while the woman, visibly sorry, offers her hand so that the employee can help him. The caregiver has already been filed.

The Community of Madrid will investigate what happened

Given these facts, the Community of Madrid has affirmed that “it will not tolerate any type of abuse and will pursue any action that violates the rights of the elderly who reside in the centers of the region.”

In order to check whether the facts should be transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry will send a team from the Community of Madrid Inspection to verify what happened and determine the existence of any liability.

“If it is verified that the events that have been publicly denounced have occurred, the corresponding administrative responsibility will be required as well as in the criminal case,” the same sources have indicated.

In addition, the General Directorate of Attention to the Elderly of the Community of Madrid has contacted the center to request the opening of an internal file that determines what happened at the residence.

For her part, the mayor of Ciempozuelos, Raquel Jimeno, has affirmed on social networks that on Thursday around eleven o’clock at night they sent her the video. After that, she was able to speak with the families and with the center, “listening to them and making herself available to discuss the matter and that the families have an explanation.”

Yesterday around eleven o’clock at night, they sent me a video in which a worker at the Las Vegas residence does …

Geplaatst door Rachel Jimeno op Donderdag 1 oktober 2020

“Faced with such despicable facts, we will support and promote the pertinent complaints and demands to punish such an unworthy and execrable action. My absolute affection for the affected resident and her family. I also want to show my support to the professionals who do an excellent job every day to take care of to our elders “, has indicated.


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