They denounce a false doctor for using bee venom in Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The Medical Association of Las Palmas has denounced for professional intrusiveness and a crime against public health a man who, without any type of medical degree, treated Gran Canaria to patients with bee venom, as reported by the Collegial institution.

In this sense, the poison of bee only has clear indication in medicine within complex desensitization protocols of patients who have suffered allergic reactions with bee stings.

These treatments are compulsory hospital environment, in exceptional situations and should be supervised directly by allergist doctors, so their risk makes the regulation require resuscitation equipment when these are done. tests.

With all College of Physicians advises warn patients that the use of bee venom is at risk of serious allergic reactions and even death since, although most bee stings give mild skin reactions, each year are responsible for several deaths in our country.

The president of the institution, Pedro Cabrera, has recommended that "before any practice of this kind, closer to shamanism and charlatanism than to medicine, [las personas] they are previously informed in any of the health professional associations ".


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