They denounce a couple for mistreating their dog, who died after falling from a third floor - La Provincia

The Green Patrol of the Local Police denounced a couple for abandonment, lack of care and abuse to his pets. One of them, Yuri, a four-month American Staffordshire Terrier, died on January 2 after falling window from a third floor on Mendaña de Neyra street, in Elviña. The owners had left their dogs alone and the boy rushed out the window, which was open, according to the police report.

Those responsible for pets they had already been denounced on previous occasions by the continuous barking of the dogs, which bothered the neighbors. In addition, the owner was reported because he did not have license for the possession of a potentially dangerous dog breed, as is the case of the deceased animal, an American Staffordshire Terrier. I didn't have it registered in the registry municipal, lacked insurance of civil responsibility and had no implanting the microchip mandatory, which could result in a penalty of approximately 6,000 euros.

Agents also requested that it be assessed if these people meet the psychotechnical conditions necessary for the responsible possession of pets.


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