They denounce a case of racism in a nightclub in Valencia

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Two young people aged 18 and 20 have denounced an alleged case of racism at the doors of a Museros nightclub, where, according to one of those affected, They were denied entry because of their skin color. The events occurred this Sunday; “We went to the disco around 1 and got in line to buy the ticket. When we arrived, the boy in front of us gave his ID to the security, who let him pass because he was 18 years old. Then I approached, who was the same age, and they told me that if I was not 21 I could not enter. They told my friend who was with me and is 20 the same. They took us by the arm and pulled us out of the queue ”. According to the affected person, “everyone who arrived could enter. Girls who could be seen to be minors and had their ID in a photo taken with their mobile phone, and some people didn’t even look at it ”, says L.

The disco denies all accusations and ensures that on October 31 they specified in their social networks that entry was limited to people over 21 years of age. Local sources explain that “any Saturday you can see that people from any origin enter, without distinctive”. Those affected have made themselves available to a lawyer to file the complaint.

Finally, those affected stayed outside to wait for public transport and go home. As they say, “when we were leaving we crossed the road with another girl, also black, who was 19 years old, and she told us that they hadn’t let her into the disco either and that they had told him the same thing as to us “, denounces L.

Everyday racism

That same night, already in the subway, those affected suffered another alleged case of racism. “They searched me because yes. We got on the subway and the car was completely full of people, but when it stopped suddenly, 4 guards entered and, of all the people there, they came directly towards me and told me to turn around. I asked them why and they insisted: ‘turn around’. They pushed me and pretended to search me but they just ran their hands over me. They didn’t even look for anything. It was humiliating. I told them they were searching me for being black, and I They answered ‘well yes’. To me and my friend “. According to the victim, “I felt so humiliated that I didn’t even dare to lift my head the rest of the way.”

But this is not the only episode of racism that the affected person and his friend have had to suffer, report that the discrimination it is quite common. “I went with my friend to buy at a clothing store and when we went out a girl told the guard to search us because we had taken something. They put us there in the middle and they searched us insisting a lot; ‘take out what you have’. I told them that we were not wearing anything, that he looked at the cameras, but they refused. ” Another episode of racism occurred in the Burjassot tram. “A security worker came, grabbed me without asking and forcibly pulled me out of the wagon, and outside told me that ‘they were looking for someone like me,’ and they re-searched me just because, without having done anything at all.”

To these episodes are added, as the mother of the affected person also relates, police identifications on the street for no reason. “We have denounced due to exhaustion, because it is already well. It is not the first time that it happens, we go to street identification per month, my son is not a criminal or does anything wrong, he is a normal 18-year-old boy who studies and plays in the neighborhood soccer team. Why do they have to stop him then? ” “It makes me very nervous to think that because you are black you are not the same as others, or that they have to treat you differently,” criticizes the affected person.

From Hate crimes prosecutor They recalled that prohibiting a person from entering a venue because of their skin color is a hate crime specified in article 512 of the Penal Code.


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