Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

They denounce a Canarian psychiatrist for continued sexual abuse - La Provincia

They denounce a Canarian psychiatrist for continued sexual abuse - La Provincia

The Office of the Prosecutor and the private prosecution have requested ten years of imprisonment and disqualification of a well-known psychiatrist in Santa Cruz de Tenerife whom they consider responsible for a continuing crime of sexual abuse. The facts have been investigated by the Court of Instruction number four of the capital of Tenerife after the alleged victim filed the corresponding complaint.

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The Public Prosecutor's Office also requests that, after leaving prison and for a decade, the doctor is disqualified from practicing any profession related to psychiatry or medicine.

According to the complaint filed by the patient, the professional carried out these abuses between the years 2011 to 2014 continuously and taking advantage of the "delicate mental state and emotional weakness" that he suffered at that time.

As the complainant narrates, she was being subjected to a strong pharmacological treatment prescribed by the defendant that clearly affected her decision-making capacity. Also, and as the victim woman argued in her story, the doctor arrived in some clinical sessions to provide drugs like Imalgene 50.

The main active component of this medicine is ketamine, a compound that, among its effects, causes sexual disinhibition while it can have anesthetic and hallucinogenic consequences.

The woman also stated in her complaint that on one occasion she came to provide ecstasy under the pretext that it would reduce her anxiety and the emotional problems for which she was being treated.

The complaint concludes that, by means of these substances, it was possible to end up overcoming the will and decision-making power of women to oppose sexual relations.

As a result of all this, the patient currently presents severe psychic damage that, according to the experts, has led to a high degree of anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

At this moment, the case is pending the signaling to proceed to the conclusion of the corresponding oral trial in the Provincial Court. At present it is still unknown if there could have been more women who have been victims of this type of practices by the psychiatrist.


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