They cover the popular song "Resistiré" in solidarity with merengue

This Friday, May 8, a new merengue version of the song "Resistiré" will be released, performed by 39 Dominican artists of different genres in order to collect donations in favor of the musicians of the country's main orchestras and their families.

Baptized as the hymn of hope in the face of the current pandemic, and sung every day in unison by thousands of people in Spain since its confinement, the version "I will resist the Dominican Republic" aims to bring a message of hope, unity and strength to the artistic class of the Caribbean country against the coronavirus.

Its world premiere will be through the Univisión network and, nationally, by Telesistema channel 11, the label La Oreja Media Group reported on Thursday.

The new version of the popular song created in the 80's by the Spanish Dynamic Duo and which has toured several countries, is performed by Alex Bueno, Alex Matos, Amarfis (La Banda de Atakke), Alexandra (Monchy & Alexandra), André Veloz, Covi Quintana, Charytín Goico, Daniel SantaCruz, Eddy Herrera, Fefita La Grande, Héctor 'El Torito' Acosta, Javier Grullón, Jandy Ventura, Johnny Ventura, José Alberto 'El Canario'.

Also participating are Juliana, Julio Zabala, Kiko Rodríguez, Kinito Méndez, Krisspy, Manny Cruz, Maridalia Hernández, MerenGlass, Miriam Cruz, Milly Quezada, Natti Natasha, Nathalie Hazim, Nelson Zapata (Project One), Pavel Núñez, Pochy Familia, Rafa Rosario, Ricci Oriach, Rubby Pérez, Sergio Vargas, Sexappeal, Techy Fatule, Tueska, Wason Brazobán and Wilfrido Vargas.

The most admirable thing about this project, according to its producer, Alberto Zayas, "is that it did not matter the distance or the genre that each artist called plays, who, aware of the need to carry a message of solidarity and hope in these difficult times, accepted to bring together his talent in a historic project, in order to support his music colleagues. "

"Once again, we demonstrate that when Dominicans unite we achieve great things and this time will be no exception. As we well know, the entertainment industry is one of the most affected by the pandemic, many families depend on it, while we return, we are looking for ways to support each other, "he added.

The music arranger of this reinterpretation of "Resistiré" is the musical producer Antonio González, who was accompanied by important Dominican musicians, impregnating the new colors of today's merengue.

Among the musicians who participated are Jhonny de La Cruz 'Chocolate', Luis Mojica, Rafael Carrasco, Joel 'Bongo', Ramírez, Isidro Bobadilla 'El Boba', David Almengod, Chiquito Timbal, Guy Frómeta, Isaías Leclerc, Antonio González, Janina Rosado, Manuel Frías, Emil Pimentel, Alfio Lora, León Yamil, Mártires de León, Luis Payán, Manuel Matos 'Papo', Yasser Tejada, Harold Andeliz, Rodhen Santos, Nayade Macea 'NaJazz', Sandy Gabriel, Patricio Bonilla, René Geraldino, Vicky María, Edel Ramos and Katia Rodríguez.

Produced under the Un Récord Pa'l Merengue platform, a project that managed in 2019 to give Dominicans the Guinness record for the largest number of couples dancing merengue, Resistiré Dominican Republic has the support of companies such as Grupo SID to deliver food from first necessity and hygiene and disinfection products as well as electronic vouchers from Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN).

Resistiré Dominican Republic will feature the digital distribution of La Oreja Media Group and the commercialization of the video by Pina Récords on Natti Natasha's YouTube channel.

All the money generated will be donated to Fundación Jompéame in the Dominican Republic under the agreement of general producer AZ Films Production for the benefit of Dominican musicians.


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