May 14, 2021

They convict a murderer confessed to stabbing his wife

The man who has been tried since Tuesday at the Provincial Court of Murcia, and who acknowledged in the first session to have stabbed his wife in April 2018, has been convicted of murder and three crimes of threats for having wielded the Homicidal knife before the three children of the marriage when they tried to help her.

To issue the guilty verdict, the jurors have taken into account both the recognition of the facts by the defendant, Ezequiel AF, who also confessed author of the threats, as the testimony given on Wednesday by the two daughters of the partner.

Also, and to consider the main fact as constituting a crime of homicide, jurors have assessed the autopsy report, which shows that the woman received a total of nine stabs, two of which were fatal for affecting a lung and heart.

The same, the coroner added in his explanations, caused a hypovolemic shock due to the great hemorrhage they caused.

The Colombian-born defendant, like his wife, confessed in the first trial session that on the day of the events, on April 11, 2018, he traveled from Girona, where he had been living in Murcia for two months to talk with the wife and Try to convince her to resume living together.

During the meeting in the house where the wife and the three children resided, an argument arose between them and in the course of the same she got to give him nine stabs in various parts of the body.

In the second session of the trial, the representative of the prosecutor asked for a conviction, for the murder, of twelve and a half years in prison, and for each of the three crimes of threats, nine months.


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