January 28, 2021

They continue registering the floor of the detainee for the scan in Castro Urdiales – La Provincia

The Civil Guard continues today inspecting the floor of the woman arrested after the finding a skull in a box in a Castro Urdiales home, which could correspond to your partner, as well as other areas of the municipality where this man would have some land.

Thus, as Europa Press has been able to know from sources close to the case, these records could also be carried out on some land of the Samano of their property, near which they live a cousin of the disappeared, Jesus B., and his wife.

The latter, Begoña Arias, said this morning, in statements to Europa Press, that Jesus, 67, was "a piece of bread" and that the detainee, Carmen M., "has done with him what he wanted."

As she has said, it was her husband who filed the complaint for the disappearance of her cousin, after the time passed without him answering his messages of 'whatsapp'.

"We were worried because he never left on a trip without telling us" and "neither did his brother know anything, just for her and he told us."

Finally, and in the absence of news and information that never came to be confirmed, such as that his cousin had gone to Galicia or San Sebastián, last April they denounced his disappearance.

"We suspect she knew more than she said", Begoña said, who has acknowledged that she and her husband had "very little" deal "with the detainee." He came here someday, "but little else.

Now, and when it is being investigated that the skull found by a friend of the detainee inside a box corresponds to Jesus B., he acknowledges that what has happened is "very strong". "We thought he wasn't coming back, but not like that, not like that"He has lamented.

"From the minute one knew that he had not gone to meditate, we and more people than we knew him for a lifetime," said Begoña, what he expects now is to "resolve" the case and "appear the body "of the disappeared.


As for the investigations that are continuing today, the Scientific Police has returned to the home where the detainee, 61, and the disappeared lived, at number 12 of Father Basabe de Castro Urdiales, where they carry out a technical-eye inspection.

The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Castro Urdiales decreed yesterday Provisional prison communicated and without bail for detainee, after taking a statement, and ratified the secret of the proceedings.

Carmen B. was arrested this weekend at her home, in the Mar Llana building on Father Basabe Street, after she had supposedly delivered a skull-shaped box to a friend months ago, whose identity could correspond to her partner, who He was missing since last February.

The detainee's friend found her head inside the box when she opened it, in the early hours of Friday to Saturday and, after the discovery, she had to be treated for health services and transferred by ambulance to the Cotolino de Castro Urdiales health center.

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