They close crowded beaches of the north of Peru by anomalous waves

They close crowded beaches of the north of Peru by anomalous waves

Three beaches in northern Peru, well attended by tourists, were closed today by anomalous waves that flooded part of the coast in the regions of Tumbes and Piura, hours after the tsunami that hit Indonesia leaving more than 200 people dead.

The Captaincy of the Port of Talara, in Piura, closed the beaches of Lobitos and Máncora, in Piura, and Zorritos, in Tumbes, by the anomalous swell, which generated the entrance of the sea some 50 meters towards the coast, according to the portal of Trade.

The Technical Secretary of the Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) of Piura, Eduardo Arbulú, reported that "the waves practically flooded all the part of the restricted zone, where there should be no construction."

However, the images shared on social networks showed umbrellas, chairs and other furniture washed by the sea on those beaches.

Arbulú said that the observed waves can not be considered a tsunami, but insisted that the beaches remain closed until the Navy does not specify their normality.

Staff of the National Police and Civil Defense Salvage Unit evacuated the bathers and in some fishing coves like El Ñuro there were boats stranded on the shore.

The closed beaches are some of the busiest in the north of Peru at this time of year, due to the end of the year holidays and school holidays.

Earlier this month, the Navy had already ordered the temporary closure of eleven ports on the northern and central coast of the country due to the presence of anomalous waves.

After the tsunami in Indonesia, the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy reported that the event in the Indian Ocean, following the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano, did not generate a tsunami warning on the Peruvian coasts.

At least 222 people have been killed by the tsunami that hit last night without triggering alarms along the Sonda Strait, between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra.


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